Installation of 20" water main offset due to interference of utilities.
Piles Driving.
Triple barrel storm sewer.
Installation of 15 inch "Extra Strength Vitrified Pipe".
Installation of steel faced concrete curbs.
Final roadway restoration.

"GACO aspires for a leadership role in the Engineering and Construction Services
while maintaining the highest degree of engineering, safety and construction quality."

Resident Engineering
And Inspection Services

Our Resident Engineers and Inspectors are educated and qualified in highway and street reconstruction projects with extensive knowledge and experience to supervise various aspects of a project involving utility relocation, seepage basins, catch basins and chute connections, installation and rehabilitation of new water mains and sewers, street lighting, traffic control devices, landscaping, curb, sidewalks, concrete and asphalt paving.

Construction Management

Our Construction Managers dedicate their time and experience to identifying critical and non-critical issues, from onset to completion, ensuring all aspects of each construction project is addressed. This approach allows us to develop diligent Quality Assurance / Quality Control programs and coordinate the various phases of the project: manage safety, quality, time, cost and scheduling.

Civil Engineering And
Site Design

GACO provides engineering and design services for public and private clients. Our services include: site evaluation for design studies, preliminary and final design review, modification and evaluation, comments on plans and specifications, cost estimates and scheduling of a project’s budget and time-frame, analysis of value engineering proposals, and shop drawing review.

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